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Fire Training Course - Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ section is designed to help you with your Fire Warden Training Course questions; however please feel free to call, if you would like more detailed information.

Why do I need to provide or be Fire Safety Trained?

This is now part of English law, under the "Fire Regulatory Reform Act 2005" if you have a business premises or HMO (House of Multiple Occupation), are open to the public and/or employ 5 or more people, including part time staff you must provide adequate safety training. It is also often the case the Fire Risk Assessment for the premises highlights a deficiency in Fire warden and Extinguisher training for Directors, Staff & Managers.

What is the Fire Regulatory Reform Act 2005?

This is a government act, introduced to improve the fire safety in the workplace and all public premises. Each business is required to have a "responsible person" to monitor the compliance and ensure Directors, Managers & Staff are properly trained to deal with a potential fire situation.

What benefit does the Fire Safety Training give me and my business?

It enables you to fully comply with your obligations to your insurer and staff, given full instructions on what to do if a fire breaks out and how to deal with it safely.

What sort of organisation or business needs Fire Safety Training?

Any business premises with 5 or more staff, is a public premises or an HMO.

What does the Trainer do during his visit?

The course takes the form of a Powerpoint presentation, the main topics covered are :- Evacuation, Accountability, Assembly & Liaison with Fire Brigade; also Live Fire Extinguisher Training.

The trainer covers many aspects of a building evacuation inc. Means of Escape, The Responsible Person, Fire Warden responsibilities, Muster Points, Fire Telephones, Health & Safety legislation and use of portable fire extinguishers (inc. live tests where space allows). The Trainer also provides necessary literature and course documentation. A certificate of attendance & competence will be issued to each individual, after successful completion of the course.

How long does the visit last?

This depends on the size of the group, but typically 2-3 hours and is normally AM or PM.

Does the Training visit, disrupt my business?

The Trainer does need to spend some time with the "Responsible Person" and students, whilst having access to escape route, fire exits and Muster points. A suitable room needs to be provided.

What do I get at the end of the Fire Safety Training?

An individual certificate of attendance & competence will be issued to each candidate, after successful completion of the course. This will be registered at our office and kept for reference, by the employee and employer.

How many people can be trained in one course?

Our costs are based on 10 people however this can be increased or decreased as required, with a generally recognised limit of 15.

If your question is not listed above, please do call us for a cost effective, professional and reliable service.

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